The student is provided with 28-page monograph “Self-Control”, the pamphlet “What Every Subject Should Know About Hypnosis”, my research paper “An alternative to Self-Hypnosis” together with three CD recordings: The Conditioning CD, the Releasing CD and the Acceptance CD, together with scripts for two methods of meditation and a script for the Relaxing Breath. Also, a biofeedback card is included to measure the level of one’s relaxation. We present below just the posthypnotic suggestion presented in each CD. The Conditioning CD More specifically the suggestion that is given to you repeatedly while you are in hypnosis is: “Whenever you want to command yourself to do something, all that you have to do is slowly repeat the command to yourself mentally. Each time you repeat the command to yourself mentally, your body and mind respond to your command with greater and greater intensity.” The Releasing CD “Visualize the memory portion of your mind as a vast collection of audio-visual-emotional cassette tapes. Each and every event in your life is recorded on one of these cassette tapes in vivid and perfect detail. Mentally collect in a large box all the cassette tapes in your mind that were used to record any and all unpleasant events in your life. As you mentally place each cassette in the box, mentally read the label on the cassette, which identifies the unpleasant event that it records, and mentally say to yourself, ‘I forgive each person who directly or indirectly was responsible for making this event unpleasant for me, and each such person (if any exists) forgives me.’ When you have finished mentally placing the cassettes in the box, mentally place this box in a very strong magnetic field, which greatly and permanently reduces the intensity of these cassettes when they are played in your mind. Then mentally remove the cassettes from the box and mentally return them to their original place in the memory portion of your mind. Each time you repeat this process the intensity of each cassette is greatly and permanently reduced.” The Acceptance CD “Because you want to live happily and harmoniously with other people and enjoy good health, physically and emotionally, you throw a heavy yoke off your shoulders; as you forgive yourself. You forgive yourself and everybody else because you know we are all products of our inheritance and environment and that if you had been born with someone else’s body, and if you had gone through the same experiences in the same order as they did, you would act exactly as they do. You accept others as they are, and when they do things you disapprove of, the only emotions you feel are sympathy and understanding. You realize a great feeling of peace and tranquility; as you forgive yourself and start with a clean slate. You are in complete control of your emotions at all times, even under what others believe to be stressful conditions. You accept life as it is, and you accept people as they are. You are relaxed and controlled, and your bodily functions are working perfectly as a result. You accept the world as it is, and you go along with the tide. As you relax and accept life, your health improves daily, and you feel great. You feel happier every day, healthier every day. You enjoy life, and you enjoy people. You are constantly growing and maturing and realizing a new sense of self-confidence. You are aware of a new freedom. Your judgement is good, and you are fully capable of making the proper decisions.” Once the Conditioning CD programming is accomplished by its sufficient use, the applications are almost unlimited. Among other things one can mentally command oneself to relax and/or simply to be in the moment. Also, it is a very effective way to enable one to go into and out of hypnosis without the assistance of a hypnotist; since one can simply say to oneself as a mental command "go into hypnosis" and subsequently "go out of hypnosis". It is my very strong belief that it is necessary to employ hypnotherapy techniques to effectively reframe the client's past imprints; before the client can successfully pursue mindfulness. I give the client a choice of Banyan's Five Path Program or his Seven Path Program combined with the client's repeated use at home of the Releasing CD and the Acceptance CD. References 1. Kabat-Zinn, Full Catastrophe Living (Revised and Updated Edition) 2. Kabat-Zinn,Mindfulness for Beginners. 3. Kabat-Zinn, Coming to Our Senses 4. Hanh,Thich Nhat, The Heart of Buddha's Teachings. 5 Hanh,Thich Nhat, The Miracle of Mindfulness. 6. Gunarantna, Bhante, Mindfulness in Plain English. 7. Williams, Mark and Danny Penman, Mindfulness. 8. Wait, Tessa, Mindfulness. 9. Siegel, Ronald, The Mindfulness Solution

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